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Birthdate:Mar 27
Location:Iowa, United States of America
Things you need to know about me:

- I have an inexplicable affection for the city of Chicago, I feel most at home in the city of Madison, and I live in small town Iowa.

- Even though I come from the Southern portion of the United States, I feel more at home in the Midwest than I ever did in Georgia.

- I love hockey. I would love to learn to play, but until then, I'm a voracious spectator. I am an AHL girl more these days, but I do still love my NHL hockey. I'm an Original Six girl, I am a Leafs fan, a Hawks fan, a passing spectator of the Thrashers and most of the other teams in the league fall somewhere below that. My love for Badgers hockey falls in a slightly different category, and should never be underestimated.

- Politically, and in almost every other fashion, I lean left.

- Spiritually, I am an agnostic pagan. This, however, is open to change.

- Weather fascinates me, in all of its myriad shapes.

- Writing is my favourite passion, although most of that discussion is over on [personal profile] mindglitter

- Above all else, I am a geek. I love computers, I love programming, I love science fiction and fantasy. I'm finding new avenues of my geekitude every time I turn around.

- I'm learning how to enjoy my camera. Many of my pictures at this point are from hockey games, although I've a tendency to take a picture of whatever catches my eye. The pictures aren't all that great at this point, but I'm trying to get better.
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